Mailbag 35: Give me an A, Give me an E

I love a good mystery, don't you? Of course you do.

From Project reader Don Mason:

I enjoy all of your work on the Church Project.

I'm trying to help a friend solve this puzzle.

If you could provide any insight, I'd appreciate it.

I browsed your web site, but I didn't find this church.

TIA for any insights.

See below:

I'm thumbing through my ragged 1938 edition of the Bulletin Almanac and noticed that there had been a parochial school called "Little Flower" at Ardleigh Street and Vernon Road. Having not heard of it, I noticed that in the church listing there was a "St. Theresa, Little Flower of Jesus" parish church.

Does anyone know when and why the parish name changed to "St. Therese of the Child Jesus?" Why "Theresa" was changed to "Therese" (perhaps to avoid confusion with St. Teresa in South Philadelphia) and why "Little Flower" was replaced by "of the Child?"

Since St. Therese's current church is a converted gynasium, I haven't been in any particular hurry to pay it a visit. But I do actually have a friend who grew up in that parish. She does vaguely remember hearing that old name, but doesn't have any additional information as to why or how it was changed. The Archdiocese itself seems to consider the church as always having had the current name.

Before I call the parish, I figured I'd give you lovely people a chance to do what you do best. :-)

Have at it, Project peeps!