St. Boniface Lives (Sort of)

We go from one St. Bonnie's to the other, courtesy Project fan Zach Warren from Blessed Theresa of Calcutta parish in Limerick.

We will be dedicating our new church this coming Saturday Oct 27, 2012. Last time I wrote I could only say what artifacts were being moved from St. Boniface, not the space which they will be housed in. Now not only can I share that information, but I may SHOW you the space. As many of us from Blessed Teresa have stated "They do not build Church's like this anymore" It truly is a beautiful space. No it is NOT St. Boniface, nothing could ever replace that beautiful piece of architecture, and it is the highest of sin to see it be nothing more than a parking lot now. But it still continues to be in your words "The Church that will not die", and it is my belife that it lives on in the Church at Blessed Teresa. Attached our
Pictures of the church they are in this order:

1. Out side shot of church
2. Wood wall seperateing Narthex from Church (From St. Boniface
3. Close-up of stained glass in wall (all interior glass was made to
match this pice is a St. Boniface original
4. Main Door in wood wall into the Church
5. Panorama of Main Church
6. Panorama of Main Church (Priest Point of View)
7. Confessional Room made from parts from St. Boniface confessional

Well, that was awfully nice of him. See said pictures below:

I'm of a torn mind with these things. As glad as I am to see this stuff reused and not shoved in a dank Archdiocesan locker somewhere, it's just another reminder of Boniface's tragic, needless death.

Still, I should still give props to newer churches like Blessed Theresa and Holland's St. Bede for at least trying to embrace some of what once made church architecture special. I can only hope more of them take that approach--and that it's not solely at the expense of city parishes.