Welcome to the new Philadelphia Church Project

At long last — long, long last — welcome to the new Philadelphia Church Project website.

You're probably thinking, what's different? Well, let me tell you: 

A new look.

Well, that's pretty obvious. But I like having an updated, more professional interface that doesn't look like it was thrown together by a chimpanzee.

(Actually, a chimpanzee could probably have done better.)

The layout will feel somewhat familiar, but there are some cool new features, like a dedicated gallery page, and galleries embedded directly into the church recaps themselves. Oh, the Project blog is now integrated with the site, not a separate entity.

Updated content.

A must, since a lot of our entries were 4-5 years old, which is totally unacceptable on the web. I've gone back and updated everything — or at least removed any glaring time or factual errors.

More importantly, the new CMS (web speak for the system that manages all of this lovely content) will make it much easier to add, change and update.

No ratings.

Some of you may regard this as the most glaring change. I've done away with the ratings scales--no more ornamentation, safety and emergency ratings. No more crosses, tire irons and snappy gradings.

There are many reasons, I suppose, but it really comes down to this. While there's a certain delightful fancy in using cross and tire irons as ratings scales, the ratings themselves are pretty much completely arbitrary. What makes an 8 out of 10 versus an 8.5 out of 10?

Heck if I know. And if I don't, how are you supposed to? More importantly, as the Project grows and evolves, our judgments have moved beyond simply numerical scores.

So instead of continuing to pull such things out of my you-know-what, I'm retiring them. Don't worry, there will still be plenty of witty wordplay for everyone.

Farewell, friends.




Don't worry, though. The Love-O-Meter isn't going anywhere.

Great Expectations.

So go ahead and enjoy the fruits of many hours of work. Many, many hours. And lost bits of sanity. Remember, though, that things are a work in progress. There are still some church recaps to be uploaded ('bout 25 or so, although all galleries are in place), and you may see some design and style tweaks in the months ahead.

Nevertheless, this is your new Project reality. I hope you like it. If not, keep your opinions to yourselves.

(Just kidding. Sort of. :-) )