Immaculate Conception's Second Chapter

Whew, there's a lot of Immaculate Conception in the news recently.

To follow up on our update last week, it seems that there is a *sliver* of good news. The gargantuan building is being sold and converted into a Protestant church. It will always hurt that the church I fell in love with is technically dead, but at least it will see continued use as a religious institution.

Color me wrong on that one, by the way: I always assumed the sheer size of the place would preclude any sort of reuse. I'm glad to see I'm wrong (at least for the time being).

And should anyone want to see Immaculate being stripped of its ornaments, Dennis McGlinchey and the Friends of Immaculate have a rather depressing photo album on the subject. Aside from the pieces being shipped to Arizona, the rest will head to some dank Archdiocesan lockup. 

 Photo courtesy Dennis McGlinchey / Friends of Immaculate

Photo courtesy Dennis McGlinchey / Friends of Immaculate