Most Blessed Sacrament 2014 Photo Set

As promised at the start of this week, and preceded by five days of unrelenting photographic devastation, the full 2014 Most Blessed Sacrament photo set has now been posted.

There's not much more to say about something like this. An eye-opening experience in almost all the wrong ways, it was cold, damp, and miserable. And yet, still worthwhile. Because no matter how much it hurts, it's important to see exactly what gets left behind — and *how* it gets left behind. When we talk about closings, it's not in some abstract sense. It's this, right here. Graffiti and broken furniture and puddles. The chilling knowledge that this is the probable fate of your favorite building.

I'd say "enjoy," but that's probably inappropriate. So...I hope you find it worthwhile, too. 

(Oh, and should any of you want these images, they're available on RedBubble as well. As usual, proceeds go both to the Project and to the parish in question. Since MBS is closed, its survivor, St. Francis de Sales, will benefit.)