Mailbag 32: California Dreamin'

The Project's reach goes far and wide, courtesy the following, um, enthusiastic letter from Los Angeles fan David Bell.

I'm not on Facebook for many reasons so just contact me directly and feel free to pass my email address around. Those very few in our little world are my only interest in communicating with. Facebook is too invasive for me. And like real life it invites people to contact me that I would never have any interest in to begin with. Thanks! 

Ummm, you're welcome?

Now, down to business. St. Edward the Confessor is never mentioned or photographed anywhere, other than Google Space that we even know it exists? It's the work of George Ashdown Audley. A very obscure Architect and tecnition of the Victorian Century,(Age). He also designed the Wanamaker Organ in it's original conseption, (the LA Art Organ Co. 1890).

Not true. While I haven't covered it specifically, I have mentioned it here and there in passing. And yes, it still exists. It's now known as the Highway Temple of Deliverance, in case you're wondering.

My question also is: with all the digital ability to take pictures today in crystal clear clarity on a cell phone no less, why are there no pics of said church at 8th & York and too interior pics of Holy Child? 


Holy Child--or rather, Our Lady of Hope--was a first-year church--actually, the first church we ever did--so the interior images are limited to a couple of historic shots.

As for St. Edward, I can't take pictures of a church I haven't visited yet, can I?

We need these pics on your websites to give us a reason to care. 

You flatter me, but my hackneyed photography shouldn't be the sole you choose to care about these places. 

St. Edward the Confessor is a small cathedral rotting away in N. Philly. Of all the church structures one would want to save, this one has to be at the top of the list. They is nothing fake or false about these two chuch structures. They are real stone and brick inside and out. Yes, they are steel super structured buildings but too are stone baring structures.(not ballon structures) as many churches of their time. 

Please, I know these two neighborhoods are dangerous to be in but we need photographic records of all aspects of these two piles. 

I've braved Camden, Tioga, Strawberry Mansion and Kensington, among others. The quality (or lack thereof) of the neighborhood isn't an issue with the Project.

(But Logan, for what it's worth, is far from the worst place you'll find in this city.)

Once they are gone, they are gone for good. St. Edward has 10 more years before some aspect of it collapses of neglect. The Roman Church is quick to hord it's stained glass to sell to a cheap church in the berbs but hasn't any stewardship toward preservation as a Church structure.(?). Look up LA's roman cathedral (the old one). It's totally restored by an unrelated private party, as Mahoney was only interested in selling it to pay for the monstrosity he built up the street. (hidious to look at by the way).

Aside from the polotics, you guys are doing fabulous work. But if you had to pic the treasures that really need help, the two roman churches I mentioned are on the list and Church of the Advocate,21st & Diamond.

Aside from the politics? Huh? Has the Project been sleep-politicking?

Advocate, as we pointed out during our visit, is very much troubled. But if you want to get technical, Ascension of Our Lord is in far hotter water than any of them.