St. Peter Claver Fieldtrip

Project reader Michelle H. took a trip to St. Peter Claver recently, and was kind enough to send us the following care package:

We took the youth of our parish to a retreat at the Saint Peter Claver Center. The church used to be a parish, but now serves as an evangelization center for Black Catholics. It sits at 12th & Lombard. There's a plaque inside the church that tells its history. The church used to be a Protestant church, Presbyterian specifically (if I remember correctly). I was able to take some photos of the church, with the Project in mind. Architecturally, it's not in the upper echelon of Philly churches. However, this place was very special to Black Catholics who were devoted to their faith, but not allowed to worship in many other Catholic churches. This was the first Catholic church for Blacks in Philadelphia, so in that regard, it was and still is very special. Enjoy!

As I noted in our last post on this building, Peter Claver was allegedly undergoing renovation as part of a parish reopening. The place has not been officially re-added to the list of parishes, and Michelle reports seeing no scaffolding or any other signs of work. So,

1. Either the plans were shelved, or

2. The work hasn't begun yet.

Either way, take a gander at the photos below (click to enlarge). St. Peter Claver won't win any architectural awards, but there's some nice touches to the place. Many thanks, Michelle.