Mailbag 31: Pics, Pics and More Pics

I know how much you all love pictures, so enjoy this gift from reader Chandra Lampreich.

I love reading your website, and seeing pictures and updates about the churches in Philly. Some I have actually gotten to see, and they were some of the most beautiful places I've seen - it really is such a shame!

Anyways, I went to St. Boniface last week while inside I ran into a worker who was kind enough to not yell at us to leave and even dispelled why he was there. Apparently the demo company had him sit in the basement and watch out the ground absorbed water. Sounds like to me they ran into some environmental issues, and got in trouble. I also found some pretty cool paper work, I'm gonna scan them and I'll send them your way if you'd like. Here are my shots from the day -

I also was at Bonaventura in September, doesn't look like much has changed much there.  My pictures from there -

Environmental issues on the Boniface demolition? If it keeps the church around, we can only hope.

As for Bonaventure, it doesn't look quite as good as I've seen in other photos, but I still stand by my larger point: for that much neglect, the place is holding together alright. Someone just go ahead and give the place some love already, ok? We don't have all day here.