Find this church. No, seriously.

A request from the mailbag:

My name is Debbie Strand, and I am assisting with the effort to help restore Mount Moriah Cemetery to some semblance of a respectable resting ground for thousands of Philadelphia's great ancestors (including a great-great-grandfather of mine).  I spent some time reviewing your website last night, and I must tell you it is very interesting!  Thank you for taking the time to enlighten others about the responsibility we have as a society to respect and maintain such important historical structures.

I have been trying to gather information on a church called Advent Protestant Episcopal Church, or Church of the Advent, in Philadelphia.  Supposedly this church owned a section of burial plots at Mount Moriah, but I have been unable to find any information online which could be helpful to me.  I did uncover an artist's drawing of the church on Flickr--, and the note below the photo which says it is located on Old York Road. 

My question is-Have you ever heard of this church, or photographed it?  Is it still standing?  Or perhaps you know if it has been refurbished for a different purpose?  Better yet, maybe you know whom would I contact to find out if any records were kept regarding burials of former parishioners at Mount Moriah?  Any information you could provide would be helpful.
I appreciate your consideration-

Ooooo, I love a good treasure hunt.

For what it's worth, I've attached Debbie's photo above. I did some checking around, and I found an entry in a Philadelphia architectural database for a Church of the Advent at 2507 N. 5th Street, near 5th & Cumberland. The church is still standing, and is apparently still in use as the Juan 3:16 Asambleas de Dios, a chapter of the Assemblies of God sect.

However, that's the only entry for a church with that name. Nothing comes up on or near Old York Road, and the church (which you can see through Google streetview) isn't an exact match for the one in the picture.

Even given the inevitable exaggerations that come with artists' renderings, the different address makes me think it's not the one she's looking for--although if there was another Church of the Advent, or if it had a different location originally, I'd think it would have shown up in the database.

So I put it to you, good readers. If anyone knows anything about this church or its whereabouts, please chime in.