Project Rewind: Our Mother of Good Counsel

Anyone who reads the Project regularly is well aware of my disdain for Bryn Mawr's Our Mother of Good Counsel. I call it stupid, I call it cold and uncaring, I call it plain and boring. Hell, I even had to craft a special theorem, The Hot Girl Principle, to describe the depths of their gilded apathy.

But all that really takes a backseat to my dislike of the interior, which is a bland, white nightmare, just like, altogether now, the rest of the Main Line. :rim shot:

Like all plaster churches, OMGC has been touched up. And like most plaster churches, it was done so badly, and its botched walls hide a far richer history. Witness the following photos, courtesy their very nice online history:

The damage started in 1973, and has been going on ever since. Compare those stunners with what the place currently looks like:

Blech. Not very inspiring, eh? It leads to two lessons, dear readers:

1. If you're going to build a church, use a stone interior. You never need to repaint it, you never need to touch it up, and if you do a modicum of basic upkeep, it'll last forever. See St. Martin de Porres.

2. If you still decide to go plaster, make sure you have competent help to touch it up. And keep your damn roof fixed so you don't get water damage and have to rip out the whole thing. See Visitation BVM.

Once you go plaster, it'll just rot faster.