New Life for St. Boniface

Well, not the church, because that place is slated for the business end of a wrecking ball.

But the rest of the impressive campus is, according to a just-discovered item from the Community Design Collaborative. The post is from late last year, but there's no reason to suspect it's no longer valid. Kudos to Michelle H. for passing it along.

A New Life for St. Boniface

The Norris Square Civic Association (NSCA), which owns the property, is determined to use it to revitalize West Kensginton, come hell or high water. They've assembled a team of architects, engineers, historians and preservationists, and have so far raised $15 million dollars.

From the write-up):

The team identified building and life safety code issues that ruled out several of the proposed uses and created an inventory of major and minor repairs to plumbing, electrical, and other building systems. Danny Rodriguez, NSCA’s Construction Supervisor and Cost Estimator, says that the Collaborative gave the NSCA a “sense of the scope of what’s to be done to bring the buildings back up to shape.” The feasibility study proposals retail and housing, improvements to the existing gymnasium that convert it into a true community center, and the continued use of the school as an educational facility.

The Project, naturally, will never be happy that Boniface was closed. But NSCA is at least doing the right thing and making lemonade out of lemons, taking the bedraggled remains of the parish buildings and doing something positive with them.

It will never, replace the glory that the church was, but as I always say, better Caveat Emptor than The Long Goodbye.