Inga Saffron Digs the Project

Of all the theorems I've concocted, I think the North Philadelphia Swath of Destruction is my favorite. It's got a great name. It's epic in scope. And it deals with one my favorite sections of the city, North Philadelphia.

It's fitting, then, that it pops up in Inga Saffron's article in today's Philadelphia Inquirer:

Changing Skyline: Philadelphia's historic churches: Do they have a prayer for survival?

Saffron, the Inquirer's architecture critic--and the city's most prominent architectural voice--examines the often-hopeless cause of many of our fair city's historic religious buildings. The Project, naturally, gets a mention as something of an authority on the subject.

Initially we were supposed to be interviewed as well, but newspaper deadlines forced Inga to file her column before we were scheduled to chat. A pity, but any mention is better than no mention at all, especially if it references the almighty Swath. And even if we didn't get our exact voice on the record, it was worth it to have Inga note that "your site is terrific."