The Project Turns Four

Happy Fourth Birthday, Project!

That's right! On this exact date four long years ago, the Project was born. Since then we've crisscrossed the city and its environs, encountering buildings, people and situations that made us laugh, weep, dance, clap, ponder, despair and more.

Who knew that chronicling Philly's religious architecture would be such an adventure?

Besides patting myself on the back, I also want to, as usual, take this opportunity to thank you, the readers, e-mailers, fans, malcontents and archenemies, for joining along on the ride. It's chaotic and not always pretty or even timely, but your support means everything. It's the reason this thing is still going four years later, and I can never, ever thank you enough for that.

I don't know what 2011 will bring, but it's good to know I'll be in some great company.

Now, who brought the cake?