Mailbag 22: The Best E-Mail Ever

Sorry for the absence this past week. The Project was battling a nasty strep infection and 102 degree fever, and felt well enough to do very little, none of it church-related. Anyhow, while my temperature has returned to normal, someone else's is skyrocketing.

From the mailbag comes the following anonymous e-mail, sans subject line:

how can anybody let that happen i went there church and school there i think the archdiorse has a lot of gut,s a chruch like that go down it has history and it GOD house they make sick

Your guess is as good as mine.

On one hand, this could be clever commentary from someone who's so mad at the "Archdiorse" that he (she?) has been rendered a gibbering madman. Or, perhaps more likely, was a gibbering madman to begin with. Either way, I laughed, so--well done, mystery maniac.