St. Bede Renovations Completed

Almost completely by accident, we move from one Most Blessed Sacrament (MBS) story to another. Sort of.

Courtesy the prim propagandists at the Catholic Standard & Times:

Archbishop Chaput rededicates, blesses renovated St. Bede Church

That's right! The transformation of St. Bede into a sort of faux-MBS--last reported on almost exactly a year ago--is complete.

The picture on St. Bede's website is intriguing, but the Project will most certainly need to take a trip to see exactly what's been done. Who better than someone who saw the furnishings in their original environment?

And just because I enjoy needling the Archdiocese at every opportunity, let's not forget this little tidbit.

Virtually everything of value in the church once graced West Philadelphia’s storied Most Blessed Sacrament Church, which was, in its heyday, the largest and probably the wealthiest parish in the city.

Not everything.

Built in an era when craftsmanship was valued and money was not the principal consideration, MBS settled for nothing but the best, and now the best of the best is at St. Bede.

There's a lesson here, if you care to heed it. Oh, and look up the definition of "irony." Go ahead, I'll wait.

Stay tuned. There's more on this to come.