Mailbag 28: Shared Architecture

Know what we haven't had in a while? Hate mail!

Hit it, boys!

To Whom it may concern:
I was reading your write up about St Andrews [I may go to a concert there, this is why I was reading about it] and I came across a line in your write up that I take offence [mildly] to.

You wouldn't be the first.

"Catholics borrowing a building from the Protestants? How ridiculous!" Excuse me? Since we are all supposed to be one in Christ, I find that statement to be out of order. I would think that since we are all supposed to be one in HIS body, there would never be any qualms about sharing and or reusing.

Architecturally, not the case.

The two have taken very different approaches to design over the years, making Roman Catholic reuse usually untenable. Furthermore, Roman Catholic parishes in days of yore used to be social powerhouses, who took pride in building their own monuments from scratch. Not as much pride in using someone else's handiwork.

That's not to say it wasn't done, but those are the reasons why you almost never, ever saw it. St. Andrew and St. Stanislaus are the lone examples thus far.

I do feel that perhaps in the future, you be a bit more careful what you post on the web for the general public to read. I personally think it's things like this that can cause much misunderstanding and trust even if no offence was ever meant.
God Bless,

You may not like how we express ourselves, but that doesn't negate the facts. Our irreverence is always grounded in reality.

Besides, if people want take their cues on religious relations from what some idiot posts on the web, their views are going to be screwed up no matter what I write.

(Not that I'm necessarily an idiot, mind you.)