Assumption BVM Photo Set

Proving that good things do come to those who wait, super photographer Matthew Murray has posted his long-awaited photo set of the battle zone that was once one of Philly's greatest churches, Assumption BVM.

Was it worth it? A look at the above image should tell you all you need to know. Assumption BVM

The set is apparently still something of a work in progress, so more images may appear somewhere down the line. What's here is still plenty, however, and it beautifully reinforces the sad, tragic majesty of this place.

The Project, for one, is interested to see that the station of the cross frames were left behind. And we're still amazed to see the apse stained glass windows never left. Given that it's far better than anything you see today, could you really find no other place for it, Archdiocese? And the fact that it's still miraculously intact is, well, kind of miraculous.

Great, great stuff as usual.