The End for Assumption BVM

"What is a cynic? A man who knows the price of everything and the value of nothing."

--Oscar Wilde

Assumption's nine lives have officially, finally run out. From Andrew Paleswki:

In spite of our efforts, The Historical Commission ruled in favor of awarding hardship to the owner of the Church of the Assumption on Spring Garden Street. A number of people testified over the past week including myself, John Gallery of the Preservation Alliance, Amy Hooper and Sarah McEneany of the Callowhill Neighborhood Association, Alex Generalis of M&G Real Estate, David Traub of Save Our Sites, and numerous others. Some very strong and convincing arguments were made in support of saving the building. In the end, the Commission was deadlocked in a 5 to 5 vote. Sam Sherman, Commission Chair, cast the deciding vote to allow demolition.
Here is the latest, from the Inquirer, on yesterday's decision:
I want to thank everyone who supported the preservation of this church over the past 18 months. We'll see what happens next.
Andy Palewski

There's nothing more I can say at this point, really. You just have to shake your head at a system where a church's original owners abandon one of their most historic properties for no good reason; where the new owners wantonly mutilate the building and get rewarded it for it; and where a developer is able to cast the deciding vote in whether to allow demolition.

A sad fate, made even sadder by the fact that none of it was necessary. And no one involved in this mess comes out looking good. Not the Archdiocese of Philadelphia, not Siloam Wellness, and not the Philadelphia Historical Commission.

We'll keep you posted on the demolition.