Assumption BVM in Danger Once More

West Poplar's Assumption BVM won historic designation last April, but as we know, that guarantees nothing. As if you needed proof, everybody's favorite HIV wellness non-profit, Siloam, is still trying to get the building knocked down.

On August 24 the organization will go again before the Philadelphia Historical Commission to claim financial hardship, saying that there are no buyers for the building and they don't have the resources to care for the dilapidated structure. Andrew Palewski and the West Poplar NAC will almost certainly oppose, yet again.

Plan Philly: Without a buyer, historic church remains in limbo

The Project: It's clearer now than ever before that Siloam never wanted the property and has been doing everything in their power to get rid of it. Most damning is the fact that, even with an interested buyer, they proceeded with a callous interior demolition that destroyed most of the remaining ornamentation and made it significantly harder to sell.

(It's equally amazing that said ornamentation, including plaster, was more or less still intact in 2009. As the Project opined when we first visited the church, they really did know how to build them back then.)

Andrew, if you're reading, please keep us posted.