Visitation's Front Steps

*Old photo alert!*

As I've written before, Visitation BVM's unique sidestep entrance is not original. The church was initially built with the much more common front step design, but the lowering of Lehigh Avenue in 1914 necessitated the change. We had a nifty artist's rendering, reproduced below, but no photos.

If you're expecting me to say "until now," you're wrong. We still don't have one, but resident Visitation expert Tom Lochhead has helped us get a little closer. He writes:

I know that you like old photos and I found one of Viso on line that I thought that you might like to see.
It depicts what looks like the completion of the new sideway steps to the upper church which took place during the lowering of Lehigh Ave. during the Reading RR and Frankford El bridge construction. I would say it is close to 1914 as the work looks pretty complete and the stone that now bears the 1914 date between the doors of the lower church has not been inscribed.
Also, on the left, you can see that the school is in the process of getting new steps too. Try to keep cool

Great stuff. I especially dig the fact that Lehigh was once a cobblestone street. Say what you will about the detrimental effect on automobiles, but I've always felt it helps to class up a place.