The Toledo Church Project

Chronicling an area's religious architecture is no easy task. And not a prevalent one, either. There are a lot of cities with great churches, but very few cities are lucky enough to have something like the Project to celebrate them.

Hence, when we come across someone else with the same mission, we like to give them a hand.

From Project reader David Lehmann:

My compliments, very nicely done website and photos. I especially appreciate the way you write about each church.

If you have some spare time, you may be interested in this website about Catholic (mostly) Churches in the Toledo Diocese of Northwest Ohio. I hope they can learn a few lessons from your work.

A much different approach, surely. Almost entirely photography-focused, with very little writing or in-depth detail, and certainly none of the self-important proselytizing that the Project engages in.

You could nitpick about the lack of written detail on each church, but not the photos themselves, which are very well done. And despite David's kind words, we wouldn't parade ourselves around as a model for others to follow.

These kind of projects (pun intended) are very individualistic and reflective of those who give them life. The important thing is to find a method that works for you, as well as the passion to bring it to fruition. Catholic Architecture and History of Toledo, Ohio certainly has, and they're to be commended.

To tell the truth, I wouldn't have thought of Ohio as an epicenter of church excellence. New York? Sure. But Toledo? Not exactly a place that springs immediately to mind. But judging by the pictures, there's some really good stuff there, and some that's certainly worthy of coverage.

Props to the folks behind this site for doing a job that's important and rewarding, albeit challenging and often thankless.