Embezzling St. Boniface

If I had a quarter for every e-mail I've gotten on St. Boniface, I...wouldn't be rich. But I would have at least a few dollars more than I have now.

From an anonymous Project reader:

I'm 23 years old. I attended St. Boniface elementary school for 3 and 4th grade. I was also a church-goer, an altar-girl, In the choir which consisted of basically my whole family, and part of the Daughter's of Mary. St. Boniface was the only church I attended even after I moved out of the area.

I also got the creepy vibes from the inside of this church. Was never 100% comfortable inside of it. I've never seen the church while it was at it's prime, but the years I did attend, the church was only reflected by chipping paint, pexiglass windows, and the occassional carvings found on the benches.

I had the pleasure of meeting atleast 5 wonderful priests in the time I attended. All very honorable and wonderfully charismatic men.

The real reason I'm writing this, is because aside from the Archdiocese not wanting to put out $7 million in repairs, is because the last priest that I recal being there, was also embezzeling money from the church. I do believe that's what drew the final straw and made the church close it's doors.

I made my first communinon there. I'd be happy to find some pictures of the church if you'd like them.


Missing the church dearly.

Now this is an interesting if unsubstantiated tidbit. The structural problems St. Boniface faced were well-known, and it's been widely credited (even by yours truly) as the reason for their demise. Their attendance was still good enough that, with even halfway decent buildings, they should have survived.

But embezzlement? Curious. I don't see how punishing a parish's population for the sins of its leaders makes any sense, but again, this is the Archdiocese we're talking about.

The Project has never heard anything about this; for all we know it may very well be false. But if anyone out there in Projectland has any information, do let us know.