An Easter Shower. No, Literally.

A happy belated Easter holiday to everybody in Projectland!

The Project celebrated Easter as usual. No, not with a new church. Yes, I know we usually do something new and cool and awesome on Easter, but I couldn't find an option that synced up time- and location-wise with the scrumptious Manayunk brunch I had planned.

Thus, we spent Easter at Norristown's St. Patrick, a very good suburban church we visited roughly a year-and-a-half ago. Everything was pretty uneventful, except for the traditional sprinkling of holy water.

Most priests use a demure aspergillum or perhaps even an olive branch. No so at St. Patrick, where the pastor used an item that I can only describe as an oversized, mop-like koosh ball on a stick. Said koosh ball held its water very well, and the priest took particular pleasure in using it to literally douse the audience in holy water. Not a flick here, a flick there--a full-on shower that left just about everyone in the audience, as well as the pews themselves, kind of damp.

(Soaking your antique pews with water? The horror!)

The fact that he had to refill his bucket twice tells you just how much water he used. And lest you think he got away unscathed, at the close of mass he gave a turn to the altar boy, who promptly pasted him with a faceful of water, much to the delight of the crowd.

Unorthodox? You bet. Slightly annoying? Of course. But it was memorable. And if holidays are judged by how we remember, then this is one the Project will keep remember very fondly, wet clothes and all.

Hope your Easter was just as exciting.