Assumption, Inside Out

Speaking of Assumption BVM... super-photographer Matthew Murray is working on a gallery of recent interior pics of the place. It's not done yet, but he was kind enough to post the following image on his Facebook page:

Striking, no? It actually kind of makes Siloam's case for them, since it's really tough to imagine anyone having the resources to make any sort of restoration possible. That place is still standing and will probably continue to do so for some time, but dear God, it looks awful.

Interestingly, though, the stained glass windows are still present in the apse. I thought I noticed them back when I did my exterior shots, but I couldn't bring myself to believe the originals were actually still there. The Project wonders how the hell they made it this far--and, really, why they weren't removed with the others in the first place.

Should be one hell of a collection when it's done. Thoughts?