The Project Real Estate Company

There's a treat coming later in the week--or, whenever I can block off some time. I'm hoping this week, but please don't crucify me if things are a little delayed.

In the meantime, take a gander at the following note from one Dr. Karl Roedig. I'm not sure if this is real or not, but hey, why not:

Dear Sir/Madame
My name is Karl Roedig.
We saw your website, and I am admiring what you are doing!!
I am very saddened that some of these closed old churches are being left to fall into decay.
We saw these 3 churches on your website that have been closed, and we are looking to buy a church like these ones for our missionary work serving God's people.
Since we are from out of state, do you know how could we get a hold on these churches?
Do you know more churches of such style and beauty that might be for sale as well. I know some of them will need a lot of work to come back...
Looking forward to hearing from you.

Karl R. Roedig

He then includes pictures of the three in question--the oft-mentioned St. Bonaventure, Assumption BVM and Most Blessed Sacrament. You know, because I've most likely forgotten what they look like.

We've been asked for parish records, and even for our mass times (!), but this is a new one. In the event that this is legit, the Project is not an accredited real estate broker, but we can say this:

Assumption BVM is owned by Siloam Wellness, who, aside from wanting to knock the place down, don't seem to be in any hurry to get rid of it. Most Blessed Sacrament appears to have no present owner, so contact St. Francis de Sales parish in Cedar Park and see where that gets you. Nice place, it'd be a shame to let it go totally to waste, even if the really special stuff has already been stripped.

As for St. Bonaventure, well, whatever owners the place had are long gone and are unable or unwilling to make themselves known. Not that I blame them--that whole property is a disaster. You're probably free to have it, but frankly, you'd be better off conducting your ministry from a cardboard box on the street corner.

Good luck in your search.