Again? Really?

What is this, Fairhill week? Yet another e-mail on the issues of the Bonaventure and the Badlands, from a former resident who is now fortunate to live nowhere near 9th & Cambria:

Thanks so much for your enthusiasm and interests in the church blds. When I came form PR. in 73, I lived across from St. Boniface. I would stare at the church form my window frequently. I also attended St. Bonaventure. thought no one cared for the history and the the beauty of these cathedrals as i did. However, by looking at your website I can tell that we definately share the same enthusiams.I am glad there are other people like my self who have high regards for these achitectural gems and its a shame the not enough people do. PLease continue your good work of raising an awareness for the beauty of Philadelphia's church structure. They are well worth the effort.

The Project likes churches very much, but still has a sneaking suspicion that living within sight of one would be kind of creepy. I certainly don't need the eyes of God watching everything I do!

Anyway, the perception that "no one cares" was the primary reason for the Project's inception in the first place. Over time we've found that perception to be somewhat inaccurate, although there's no denying that care is definitely wanting. Some people do, but generally not enough to effect change.

Have we been successful? Hard to say, really. Definitely not as much as we'd have in an ideal world. But messages like this remind me that there's value in fighting the fight anyway, and doing good doesn't always have to involve grand gestures.

One step at a time, friends. One step at a time.