Just You Wait

From Project reader Gerry Jones:

Hi Project Staff,
I really enjoy the Project ....kudos! kudos!!
I'd be curious to get your thoughts about the St. Agatha's.
St. Ag's has been converted to housing (not just the church building itself but also the rectory, convent and school), so you really do not need to do any interior observation, just case out and comment on the success or failure of this adaptation.
Though baptized there many years ago, i've not seen it since the alternative use took place ...... i'd check it out myself but i'm 7000 miles away, so i must save my visit till another day.
St. Agatha's parish itself has merged with neighboring St. James (on Chestnut Street), so you might check that out also, plus walk across the street to the wonderful (and Episcopal) Church of the Savior.
Many thks for your great work ....much needed and appreciayed!

It's not every day you see a church converted into apartments, so yes, we'll be taking a look at the former St. Agatha sooner or later. Probably later, if our recent fieldwork or lack thereof is any indication