Northeast Takeover Redux

Believe it or not, the Project hasn't bashed the Archdiocese in nearly three months! Of course, every dog has its day, and the 'ole AD has pretty much stayed out of trouble since then. Until, that is, the following story crossed our desk.

Put on your angry hats, because this is really going to get your blood a-boilin'....

An eye-opening column in Friday's Inquirer highlights just how tragically fraudulent the AD has become. I'll let you read the column for yourselves, but to quickly summarize:

The wealthy and well-connected North alumni group, the Friends of Northeast Catholic High School (FONECHS) have recognized (as the Project did) that closing North for even a year will be a large blow to the community. They've asked the AD to keep it open for one more year so there can be a seamless transition to the Cristo Rey takeover.

Not a bad idea, you say. Yes, but here's the real kicker: they've offered to underwrite all of the school's debt for the extra year in addition to buying the building, so it will cost the Archdiocese nothing. Win-win all around, right?

Wrong. The AD's incomprehensible response: No thanks. We're "ready to move on."

Let that sink in a minute.

With an opportunity to benefit the neighborhood AND save face, the AD instead has pretty much chosen to spit in the eyes of those they're supposed to help. And in case that doesn't make you angry enough, FONECHS says they've already been underwriting all of the school's debt for at least the past five years. Hence, North was hasn't been in any way a drain on the AD's resources, so there was no reason to close it in the first place.

The Project has said enough in the past year, so there's nothing really left for us to add to this. Except to say, if you in any way still defend or support this organization, you're backing the wrong horse. Their true colors have never shined brighter than they are right now, and there's no longer any defense for their behavior.

If there ever was, that is.