Northeast Catholic Takeover Delayed

From churches to schools, for one brief minute:

According to Tuesday's Philadelphia Inquirer, plans for the Cristo Rey takeover of Northeast Catholic has been delayed. The new school cannot and will not open in time for Fall 2010; those involved are now working toward Fall 2011, meaning there will be a gap of at least a year between its closure and probable / potential reopening.

Many thanks to Project reader Mary Beth Kearney for the link.

The Project says: Not the best of news, certainly, but the group's optimism is something to hold on to. The minimum year delay might really hurt, though, as students who planned to stay will now have to make alternate arrangements--and may not come back. The commitment to quality is certainly laudable, but would they have been better off just getting the place open as soon as possible to ensure less educational flight from the area? I wonder.

One curious note is that the Oblates of St. Francis de Sales, who currently staff the school, will sponsor the new iteration and help with the transition. But does that mean they will stay on staff? Cristo Rey schools are usually Jesuit, so it poses an interesting dilemma. Does the school remain Salesian? Or Jesuit? Or some strange hybrid of both?

Regardless, the school is probably on the path to salvation. But what about the other closure, Olney's Cardinal Dougherty? Last I heard, the We Are CD Foundation had made an offer to buy it, but there has been no news since. Has anyone heard anything? Let us know.