Incarnation Pastor Steps Down

A little breaking news, courtesy the Philadelphia Inquirer:

Pastor steps down as feds search Olney church

Father Gerald Pinero, pastor of Incarnation of Our Lord in Olney, has resigned in light of a rectory search by federal immigration authorities.

It's not yet clear what triggered the search, but with a parish as diverse as Incarnation, perhaps it shouldn't be surprising that immigration is somehow involved.

Should Pinero not return, it would be a tremendous loss for Inky. He was a standout of the Project's early adventures, a young, personable, charismatic leader who delivered one of the best homilies we've ever heard and gave us a personal tour of the upper church, which was not even open at the time. Incarnation is one of the few true urban success stories, with its stunning diversity and strong support, and at least some of that is due to Pinero.

We'll keep you posted as things develop. For now, keep both Pinero and the parish in your thoughts.