St. Agatha Facebook Page

Busy weekend, but don't fret--the Project still has time to throw you a little something.

Project reader Terry Callen, the intrepid soul who started the St. Gregory page on Facebook, has gone back to the Facebook well and created another page. This time it's the former St. Agatha, at 38th & Spring Garden in West Philadelphia.

The Gothic St. Agatha was consolidated in 1976 with neighboring St. James the Greater, at 38th & Chestnut, to form St. Agatha-St.James parish, housed in the latter's building. Yes, you couldn't come up with a more unwieldy name if you tried.

That St. James is one of the best churches Philly has to offer doesn't lessen the pain of losing St. Agatha, which looked fairly impressive in its own right. At least it's not going to waste--the whole place was converted into an apartment complex known as the Cloisters I & II. The idea of living in a converted church kind of gives us the willies--us, of all people--but hey, Godspeed to the people who do.

Not the most fitting fate for a beautiful old church, but the Project has seen far worse. Look for more coverage on both parishes this year.