The Brick St. Peter

Labor Day weekend finds the Project working as hard as ever. No rest for the wicked...err, the weary, it seems.

We'll have a surprise for you later this week. To tide you over, here's a vintage pictures of Northern Liberties' St. Peter the Apostle, back when it had its original red-brick facade.

In the early 1900s, for reasons probably long forgotten, the church was refaced with the granite it still wears today. The resurfacing seems to have been no simple matter, as St. Peter now bears a completely redesigned and expanded facade, with a columned porch and a larger choir window. The steeple, too, seems to have been structurally altered, since it no longer has the rounded cup near the spire.

I think the current black-and-white stone scheme is an awesome (and better) look, but hey, you gotta respect the original design.

Happy Labor Day!