Contiguous 48? Ha!

Lest you doubt the Project's broad geographic reach, consider the following e-mail from reader Joseph M. Przygodzinski of Olelomoana, Hawaii:

I live in Hawaii now, I came from old Southwark. Sorry hate to call it Queens Village 

most of us who have roots there never call the old neighborhood that! (my family is still there since 1879)

St. Stanislaus was our parish which was at 240 Fitzwater Street I think.

I was back in 2006 for the first time since I went off to war in 1969.

You can still get in the church and I marveled at how beautiful it still is and well kept.

It is a safe neighborhood and plenty of parking in the

church parking lot

.WHy not do something on it?

I have a map from the 1830's that shows the present church being a Lutheran church and Fitzwater Street being called German Street.

Give an old man his wish!

You would thrill us all to death who love your web site if you went into the history a little more of each parish, at least the ethnic origins.

Thank You From my whole heart for the wonderful web site you put together.

First, many thanks to Mr. Przygodzinski for his kind words. It sounds like the Project has quite the cult following out there. It's good to know the Hawaiians have superior taste in churches. Rock on!

The Polish national parish of St. Stanislaus closed in 2006, but the building is still in use as a worship site for neighboring St. Philip Neri. Rest assured, it's on the Project's to-do list and will be covered at some point in the future.

As to your request for more history, that's a little trickier. We've gotten better at that as the Project has gone on. But we're still limited by the constraints of time and information available--often we just can't do the research a more detailed history requires. And that's assuming the information is available. One thing we've learned is that when it comes to old parishes, records are often spotty.

Keep in mind, too, that the Project is first and foremost an architectural endeavor, so all other considerations are secondary. Still, we'll do our best to "thrill you all to death" (hopefully not literally) by trying to up the history ante.

Thanks for stopping by. Aloha!