Mailbag 9

Project reader Valentina Dolpies has a question about one of South Philadelphia's better churches, St. Mary Magdalen de Pazzi.

Hi I would like to know about the Pastor that was there in the 50's.Rev.Mons. Vito Mazzone. I think I may have spelled his last name wrong. I belonged to that parish most of my life. I went to school there when he was pastor and I remember that he wrote some books and they were about communism. I wonder if you know if there is any way to get a hold of any of these books??

Valentina certainly wins the "obscure question of the week" award.

Believe it or not, the Project is not actually a vast repository of church information. When it comes to Roman Catholic churches, that would be the Philadelphia Archdiocesan Historical Research Center (PAHRC). I suggest you start your search there. You can also try directly contacting St. Paul parish, the administrators of St. Mary Magdalen church and the keeper of her spiritual records.

Of course, given that the books in question are not directly related to the parish's history, it's very possible that neither of those sources will be able to help you. That's why I'm going to open it up to the Project's readers.

If any of you are familiar with the parish and these books, or you have any ideas on where Valentina can find them, feel free to chime in, either through the Project's e-mail or the comments feature.