Just Who is the Northeast's "Mother Church?"

Another lovely item from the Project's mailbag, courtesy St. Dominic parishioner Eileen Myer:

Dear friend,

The reason St. Dominic Church is referred to as the "Mother Church of Northeast Philadelphia" is due to its founding date, 1849. It was founded before the otherNortheast Philadelphia Catholic churches. Most people are thrilled with its interior beauty. Stop back at Christmas to check out the lovely decorated church.

I appreciate your "Philly Church Project." I never liked cynicism. Love, Eileen

The Project doesn't care for cynicism either. We're hopelessly optimistic, even when confronted with churches that are less than stellar.

Our review of St. Dominic may come off harsher than it really is. St. Dom's is a decent structure, just not a particular exceptional one. It's not upper-echelon material, but it's nice enough, and certainly better than a lot of clunkers we've seen.

As for the "Mother Church of the Northeast" title, we understand the history behind it, and we didn't seriously imply any sort of a desire to see St. Dom's stripped of it. Our larger point was just that St. Martin of Tours is the best church, architecturally, in the Northeast. What you have is still good, though, and it's nice to see your parishioners taking pride in that.