When is a Parish Not a Parish?

Ugh, far too busy this week. So busy that I'm going to let the Catholic Standard & Times do my work for me again. (I know, I know, not something to make a habit of.)

But I was intrigued by a curious article that breathlessly reports the closing of Holy Trinity parish in Society Hill.

It's curious because the Project believed that Holy Trinity, a former German national parish and one of the oldest parishes in the city, wasn't actually an independent parish anymore. All signs pointed to it existing solely as a worship site for nearby Old St. Mary's: the fact that Mary's bulletin lists mass times for Holy Trinity; the fact that said mass times are relegated to holy days only; and the fact that Mary's pastor, Paul DiGirolamo, administers everything at both.

How in the world does that add up to an independent parish? Argh, my head hurts.

Whatever. Holy Trinity is now officially being designated as an Old St. Mary's worship site, and the wonderful old building will continue to find use. Says the Archdiocese: "Because of its historical significance, Holy Trinity Church will remain open as a worship site of Old St. Mary’s Parish."

Oh, so now, suddenly, historical significance is important to you? I'm sure the fact that Society Hill is rich and influential has absolutely nothing to do with this decision.

Ah well, the Project isn't one to look a gift horse in the mouth. Thanks, guys!