Genealogy? Let the Project Help

The Project has never really considered itself a genealogical resource, but that's exactly what reader Barbara Joly found:


How are you ? I'm quite happy to have found your website & blog while researching Saint Boniface church. I'm a hobby genealogist who has had several generations of family who once called Philly home. I have a Genealogy blog where I talk all about my research. And today, I put a link to both your blog and the page that you had for Saint Boniface.

I will be returning now & then, especially to your blog, as blogger tend to stick with ... blogs & bloggers ! I've been doing a Genealogy blog ( plus a personal one) since 2006.Come over any time to the"Our Carroll family" blog.! I'm going to put a link to both your website & blog too so I & my readers can just click the link.

All the best to your website & research and see you in the future!

That's right! St. Boniface again--truly, a church that will never die. For the record, you can find her entry here. It's an interesting endeavor, and they give us a nice mention to boot.