Our Lady of Pompeii Lives

Earlier this week, the Project wrote about the former Our Lady of Pompeii, at 6th & Erie, and asserted that the building had been destroyed in the wake of its Year of Hell closure.

Some readers asserted otherwise. Turns out, they are right.

My initial map-and-photo surveys of area turned up nothing that struck me as a former Catholic church, so I wrote the place off as having met its match at the business end of a bulldozer. But Pompeii, unlike its famous namesake city, was not so easily run out of town.

Proof is provided by a recent photo by Project fan Bill--

--and by the book Images of America: Italians of Philadelphia, which has a similar picture and confirms that the church in question is indeed the former Pompeii.

What can I say? We do make mistakes from time to time. And you can't blame us, really. That does look more Protestant than anything else. But we know better than anyone that not all old architecture is great, so...shame on us.

Oh, and in case you're wondering, there's no Long Goodbye for Pompeii. It was Caveat Emptor'd into the Solomon Baptist Church. Their site has an animated portion in the upper left-hand corner that briefly shows an interior shot of the church. It's hard to tell much, but it doesn't appear as if the place was pimped into oblivion--unlike unfortunate neighbor St. Stephen.