Immaculate Update

A brief confab with Immaculate Conception's Fr. Holliday has resulted in a welcome parish update and a delightful bit of news:

Thank you for your kind comments. We recently had a young couple contact us about getting married here later in the year. The bride-to-be discovered our church on your web site and contacted us. We appreciated your favorable review of your visit to our church. We are "hanging in there." In the spring we opened a shelter for men in the vacant building that was formerly our convent. This arrangement has helped us to offer some services to the community. They are also paying us rent and utilities for the building which has been very helpful.

Fr. Holliday

It's good to know that Immaculate is hanging around, if not exactly prospering. It's a landmark church and parish, and deserves to be be around forever. Hopefully they can continue hanging on until the Germantown gentrification reaches them.

But what gets me is that a couple wants to get married at Immaculate because they learned about the church on our site. How ridiculously cool is that? We've inspired a wedding! Your feedback has long assured me that the Project is making a difference. To hear something like this, though, truly leaves me at a loss for words.

Oh, and for the record: the bride-to-be has excellent taste. Immaculate is a fine choice, albeit one that will dwarf almost any wedding party. The Project would certainly consider it, as well, should a Mrs. Project ever come into the picture. And if I happen to make 1,400 friends between now and then.