Stained Glass from the Past

Another great item this week from the Project's mailbag: The Saint Joseph's University Stained Glass Collection.

Saint Joseph's goal is to eventually establish a permanent exhibit of Philadelphia and non-Philadelphia area stained glass. They even published a book on Philly stained glass! (Hold on a second; the Project needs to make an addition to its Christmas list.)

Lucky for us, in the meantime they have created an online gallery of stained glass photography. The gallery features high-quality images of many stained glass windows from closed parishes, including North Philadelphia Swath of Destruction victims St. Elizabeth, St. Edward the Confessor, Our Lady of Mercy and St. Bonaventure, among others.

St. Elizabeth of Hungary Feeds the Poor. St. Bonaventure Church, Philadelphia.

The sheer craftsmanship and artistry of these pieces is astonishing, and almost certainly surpasses anything that could reasonably be constructed today. Unfortunately, seeing these also heightens the disappointment that the grand churches that once housed them are also gone.

Still, enjoy it for what it's worth. A real treat.