Our Lady of Hope School to Close

The headline pretty much says it all. The Project's inspiration, Logan's Our Lady of Hope, is going to close its school at the end of the current school year. You can read more about it here, courtesy the good folks at the Catholic Standard & Times.

Holy Child, Class of 1958

It's rather surprising to me, because I actually didn't know the former Holy Child still had an active school. Sad, but really, we're well past the point where every parish needs to have its own school, and a more regional-based education model is probably in our future.

The Project actually sees a couple of silver linings here. Parochial schools can be a tremendous financial burden, so many parishes actually do better without the additional strain. Our Lady of Hope doesn't have enough money to keep the building upright, let alone worry about the school. This may actually be more beneficial to them in the long run.

You know who else it benefits? Project-fave Incarnation of Our Lord, which will get some of the cast-offs. If someone has to win in this arrangement, we're glad its Inky and super pastor Geraldo PiƱero.