Mailbag 4

From the Project's mailbag:

I just visited your web site. I attended St. Bonaventure Grade School, first thru 8th grade and graduated in 1960. Things were already going down hill. Most people moved after graduation. I have many fond memories of the parish. It was sad to read the terrible state of the neighborhood and to see a church in decay. I wonder if there are any pictures of the interior?
I was also wondering what happens to the hymnals when a church closes? Might they still be around. If so, is it possible to get one. We were required to attend Mass every single day before school. We always sang. There are hymns I remember that we don't hear any more - although I don't think our hymnals included the music ( but I am not sure - it has been a while!) And then the girls got to sing in the choir and we often sang Gregorian Chants - Mass was still in Latin. I miss that too. Are there copies of the Gregorian hymn books still around?

An interesting question. What does happen to the hymnals when a church closes? Given that all of a church's artifacts are removed, they may have ended up in another church, possibly in the area. But since hymnals are routinely updated, they probably are no longer in circulation. Or if they, it's in a 3rd-world country

But I leave it up to you, dear readers. Do any of you know where the St. Bonaventure hymnals might be, or, for that matter. any Gregorian hymnals?

Oh, and as always: if anyone has old pictures of St. Bonaventure or any other church, send 'em on in.