The Ghosts of Southwest Philadelphia

From the Project's mailbag:

I found your web site by accident and was wondering if you might be checking out any more churches? I belonged to Good Shepherd Church at 66th and Chester Avenue, Southwest Philadelphia. It would be nice to see more from that area. There should be St. Barnabas, St Clement's, Our Lady of Loretta and so on. We feed into the West Catholic High School.

Wow, are the recap updates so infrequent that some people aren't sure the Project is still active? Yeesh. Sorry, folks--we do what our schedule permits.

Anyway, as for this particular question:

You might note that we haven't really done much, if anything, with Southwest Philadelphia. The closest we've come is Most Blessed Sacrament. We lumped Kingsessing into West Philly, but it's sort of on the border and is often considered Southwest Philly.

Regardless, this void in our ledger is not for lack of trying. The problem is that there's just not much left down there. Southwest Philly was hit with a knockout punch that rivals the infamous North Philadelphia Swath of Destruction. There are only two actives parishes left: St. Barnabas and Divine Mercy, and neither appears to be of any interest to the Project's mission. The rest closed, and I haven't found any evidence that their shells are either still standing or in any sort of reviewable state.

Of course, I could be wrong. Does church life still exist in Southwest Philly? Or is it a barren land of wind and ghosts? Let the Project know.