MBS Rises Again

For your consideration, I present a picture of St. Bede the Venerable parish in Holland, Pa.

Not much to write home about, right? You bet. The Project doesn't have time for such garbage.


Normally, calling a church building "garbage" would get me all sorts of hate mail. But interestingly, St. Bede agrees with me. They're undertaking a campaign to extensively renovate their building, turning it into something more worthy of a place of worship. In other words, they're going "old school": turning back the architecture clock and transforming it into a more classical style.

Neat, eh? Of course, you can't just concoct an intricate marble and granite monstrosity out of thin air. To help, St. Bede has purchased some artifacts from poor Most Blessed Sacrament, including, most notably, the lovely baldacchino and some of the stained-glass windows.

There's certainly something macabre about well-to-do suburban parishes collecting the dead relics of old city parishes--the same parishes that many of their parishioners no doubt abandoned long ago. And yes, I'd rather just save those old city parishes in the first place.

But you know what? It's better than those pieces rotting in some Archdiocesan warehouse. Frankly, I love St. Bede's vision. I wish more of these modern parishes would take the same approach.

Godspeed, St. Bede. The Project wishes you luck.