A Long Goodbye No More?

About a year ago, the Project covered one of the formerly great churches of lower North Philadelphia, Assumption BVM. It sadly fell prey to the North Philadelphia Swath of Destruction, and has been in the Long Goodbye since 1995.

That may be changing, however. From Project reader Andrew Palewski:

The owner of the Church of the Assumption at 12th and Spring Garden Streets had recent intentions of demolishing the building. I, and a few other people, nominated the building to be listed on the Philadelphia Register of Historic Places prior to the owner seeking a permit for full demolition. The church is temporarily protected from demolition by the Historical Commission.

In order for the building to be afforded permanent protection, the Commission must elect to accept the nomination. Whether or not they do will depend partly on public feedback.

You can read more about the situation here. It seems that the current owners initially planned on using the church, but have changed their minds and want to turn it into a parking lot, or build some new, probably ugly thing in its place. Say it ain't so!

Granted, it's not easy to make a case for preserving a church that's been vacant for 14 years, but as you should know by now, the Project is a staunch advocate of our architectural and historical heritage. Even if the Archdiocese of Philadelphia did cast it aside like a leper, Assumption should still survive in some form or another.

The next meeting on this topic is a General meeting of the Phila. Historical Commission on Friday, May 8 at 9:00 AM, Room 18-029 at 1515 Arch Street. Anyone interested in saving Assumption is encouraged to attend, or otherwise reach out to Plan Philly.