Mailbag 3

From the Project's magical mailbag:

I just wanted to thank you on your article about Most Blessed Sacrament Church. I attended the school form K-8th in the 90s and even the daycare center on the campus before that. My mother and I attended the church every Sunday and my mother was also a teacher at the school for many, many years. I did a Google search to see if the church was still open, because I wanted to go to a sunday service for nostalgic purposes. To my disappointment, I found that they aren't open anymore. Your article really made me happy and brought back lots of nice memories!

You know, I receive more e-mail regarding Most Blessed Sacrament than any other parish. It goes to show that architectural beauty is one thing, but spiritual and emotional beauty is something else altogether, and the two don't often meet. That's why the Project tends to like Fat Girl Parishes so much.

Growing up in the North / Northeast regions of the city, I certainly didn't know much about West Philadelphia, let alone its parishes. But from the wonderful things I've heard about MBS, it sounds like a parish I would have liked to have been a part of, and the Project wishes it could have known it better.