Artifacts for Sale

Interesting tidbit from the news department of Project-fave St. John the Evangelist :

(And props to Daniel McQuade, of the entertaining Philadelphia Will Do, for passing it along.)

"The Archdiocese of Philadelphia, Office for Special Projects will
sponsor a Stained Glass Event. In this event, stained glass remnants
will be available from the following churches:

St. Clement
St. Elizabeth
St. Ladislaus
St. Vincent de Paul

and other churches. Also a very limited umber of marble remnant
pieces will be available. Stop by and buy something: 320 Walnut
Street on Saturday, February 21, from 10-1 pm."

That's right! As McQuade accurately notes (well, technically his mother), "it's like a yard sale for churches!" We certainly know that artifacts from closed churches can be bought and installed in new ones, but the Project had no idea the Archdiocese actually held open sales for the public.

Oh, that crazy Archdiocese. Will their wacky antics never cease?

Seriously, though, I find their exhortation to "come by and buy something" weirdly direct. Are Basilica renovations that far over budget?

Also, what's with the inclusion of St. Vincent de Paul? Unlike the others on that list, it's actually still an active parish. What pieces of that church would they possibly be selling?

The whole thing is so curious, the Project will almost certainly stop by to scope it out. Hey, I spend so much time investigating churches, I never thought I could actually turn my house into one!