Schools, Not Parishes. Get it Right.

No case of the "the Mondays" for the Project! Let's delve into the mailbag:

Dear phillychurch , While touting St Al's over St Laurentius you forgot to mention that at Least St Laurentius is Still it's own Parish !!!! as opposed to St AL"S/ Our Lady Help ?and Natitvity .And where did "THEY " come up with "Our Lady Of Port Richmond , Most people Call it Our Lady of the Port !!! THe Blessed Trinity Would Have been more reverent Thanks to the Money shipping overseas Archdiocese of Phila . I am still irate over closing my school Our Lady help of Christians . Charity begins at HOME !!!!! James Hojnowski

Whoa, whoa, slow down there, big fella. First, it's the Philly (or Philadelphia) Church Project. Rule #1: If you're going to try to correct us on something, at least have the courtesy to get our name right.

And Rule #2: Make sure you're actually correct. Yes, the schools consolidated, but don't get ahead of yourself. For the record, St. Adalbert is still very much its own parish. The recent Twinning was between Our Lady Help of Christians (OLHC) and Nativity BVM, not St. Adalbert. That Polish beast is still its own entity (school notwithstanding), and looks to stay that way for a long time.

As for the consolidated "Our Lady of Port Richmond" moniker, the Project kind of digs it. I was in the audience at OLHC when Father Fedak announced the name, and he spoke proudly that the new name would represent their community perfectly--that is, the name would be instantly recognizable and people would immediately know who they (the school) are and what they stand for.

I have to say I agree. It's a cool name, and the Project would take a distinctive name over a generic (though more reverent) name any day of the week, and twice on Sundays. Of course, that's just us. Given the strong emotions that involve these sorts of situations, the difference of opinion is eminently understandable.