Oh, the Pain

Did you enjoy our lighter-hearted last couple of posts? Nice change of pace, right? Good, because it's time to get weepy again.

The Project works off its post-Thanksgiving coma with a wonderful series of photo galleries by abandonedamerica.org, who recently traveled to West Philly to chronicle Transfiguration of Our Lord--coincidentally, right before the demolition started.

These are pictures are good. Damn good, actually. They perfectly capture, better than anything I've seen before, the agony of a building that's outlived its usefulness. And they're buoyed by haunting text and titles that seem to add just the right perspective to the whole affair. It's even more drastic when compared to the historical images he (she?) includes. Some you've seen before, some you haven't, but all leave an impression.

The Project salutes you heartily. Well, well done. And if you're interested in doing more church photography, let us know. We have some abandoned specimens you simply must see.

Look for more Transy coverage in the coming days, including my final thoughts on the place.