When A Church Dies

Boy, the Project goes underground for a week and a half, and the church world starts crumbling around me.

Well, at least one part of it is. You remember West Philadelphia's sad, defunct Transfiguration of Our Lord? Of course you do. It's one of our churches that won't die, since it's one of a handful of parishes whose former parishioners still treat it with an almost obsessive reverence.

Except that now Transfiguration is really going to die. Or the building is, anyway.

Project reader Joe Kearney alerted to me to the fact that the Boys Latin of Philadelphia Charter School, now in its third year of operation in Transy's former school, is undertaking a wholesale demolition of the rest of the property's structures. The convent and rectory are gone, and they've now moved on to...the church itself.

Joe was kind enough to forward some of his own pictures on the subject:

The Project doesn't know when they'll finish--the laborers are allegedly "taking their time" with the demolition--but if any of you has any designs of seeing Transfiguration, now would be the time. I will try to stop by as well and contribute additional images.